Advertising foods in the 50s and 60s

I chose these examples because I thought they expressed the idea that throughout time, food packaging has changed and that words are used to manipulate the audience into thinking the products are actually good for you when they are really not. An example of this is the Jell-o salad that is not really a salad and is not that healthy. Just because it has salad written on it influences the consumer it is healthy but most of the dish is made out of jelly. Another example is “eggs belongs in everybody’s breakfast” because even though eggs have beneficial properties, they are also high in cholesterol and are not as good for you. Lastly, when it says “center cuts” on the tuna advertisement, it wants the audience to think the tuna they chose is of a high quality and that the centre cuts are the best part of the tuna but it still remains canned tuna.


Not Healthy–rice-krispies-cereal-rice-krispies-treats.jpg–sunglasses-outlet-oakley-sunglasses.jpg




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