Best and worst diets

The Mediterranean diet is seen alone of the best in the world because of the use of olive oil as well as local products, vegetables and red meat is consumed monthly.


In Greece, Italy and Spain


French Diet

  • “French cuisine include high-saturated fat foods such as butter, cheese, and cream.”
  • “The fact that French are generally lean and healthy despite a rich diet is called the “French paradox.”
  • One way of thinking is that the portions are smaller than the ones in the US so even though they are consuming saturated fats, it is still seen as healthier because the portions are significantly smaller.
  • Red wine has polyphenol resveratrol that is said to have positive effects.
  • Fermented cheese made from raw milk contains anti-inflammatory alkaline phosphate and micro biome-friendly probiotics.



Nordic Diet

  • Focused on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, eggs, seafood.
  • Meat, dairy and desserts are  not eaten often.
  • Use rapeseed oil instead that also has omega 3

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